Kristiina Lehtonen


Contact me using email (edit the address before sending).

If You Are Buying a Print

- Check availability first. Information on the Gallery page should be up to date.

- You can order prints without frames. Frames are fragile and often damaged during transportation. Custom framing is available everywhere.

- Postage will be added to the price according the actual cost. Tracking is usually available.

- You can request more information by email (this form or email address in the CV page). We will confim your order before sending it.

- Payments are either by PayPal (worldwide) or Collect/Cash on Delivery (Canada and Finland).

- We can send prints by domestic mail in Canada or EU/Finland (no duty/taxes).

- Customer is responsible for all tolls and taxes (etc.) collected by the country of destination. Packages are marked as "Prints" with their purchase price ($CAD or €EUR)