Kristiina Lehtonen

Ways to Find My Works

You can contact me directly, or visit an art gallery that exhibits my work.

I'll send prints without frames by mail.

Please use email (correct the address before sending) or the contact form.

On the right, please find the galleries that exhibit my artwork.

Counterfeit Prints?

I sell only handmade, original intaglio etchings with signature and series number. No copies, posters, or not even etchings without original signature and print number.

You can purchase my works directly from me, or through an authorized gallery (see dealers on the right).

If someone outside this list tries to sell you my works, postcards, posters etc., or prints marked as "sold out", please contact me.

Also, pricing of my prints is the same everywhere, and it can be checked from this site (see
gallery). If someone sells my prints cheaper than that, there is something wrong. Please notify me.